The Secret Connection

Created during the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2021, The Secret Connection was an exclusive online experience, in which I invited groups from 25 homes to join me for a magical experience. Brought to life from a custom studio, the show featured astonishing set pieces, interactive moments, and even magic that happened in people’s own homes, thanks to a mysterious package sent to every audience member.

While the run has now finished, and there are currently no plans to re-stage it, you can find out more about my approach to magic on video chat platforms via my book, Video Chat Magic.

Our minds are putty in the magician’s skilled hands. – Stagedoor
There’s nothing quite as great as seeing natural reactions to some entertaining close-up magic that literally takes place on-screen and in your own home. Measured and progressive, fun and engaging, connection achieved. – Critical Popcorn
Will Houstoun demonstrates that magic is a forgotten art form in its own right, and stuns with a miraculous performance. – The Upcoming
The Secret Connection looks forward, demonstrating how magic has always adapted to its era to create connections and providing compelling proof that it will always continue to do so. – World Magic Review
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