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I have had the pleasure of lecturing to magic societies around the UK, Europe and America, including multiple repeat bookings at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles and The Magic Circle in London. I tailor each lecture to the group I am working for, sharing material suitable for a wide range of performance settings and levels of ability as well as a smattering of magic history. Most importantly, I believe a lecture is an opportunity to really share rather than a mere dealer demonstration, so I always attempt to share depth and detail on my approach to magic.

Will Houstoun’s lecture provided an immensely satisfying evening. Like no other lecture I’ve ever seen, it was an original mix of eye popping sleight of hand, witty tales of literary sleuthing and amusing historical anecdotes. Having had the experience once I now want more lectures just like it but fear that wish is unlikely to be granted until Will’s return to these parts. – Ernest Earick
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