Video Chat Magic 

There is more to magic on video chat than compromised versions of in-person tricks, or magic designed for TV. It is uniquely live, scalable, personal and interactive, all at the same time. No other medium allows the powerful methods and approaches we have discovered, and no other medium’s popularity is growing faster. Video Chat Magic was a collection of nearly 50 tricks, tools, essays and pieces of technology, exploring this exciting new medium.

Video Chat Magic was a six month charity project run by Steve Thompson and I. At its culmination we saw our work featured on international chat shows and Britain’s Got Talent, as well as in hundreds of online magic shows. The project also raised over $35,000 for

“As magicians reinvent their performances for remote environments Video Chat Magic is unveiling the most effective ways to succeed in this new medium.” Luís de Matos

“Required reading for anyone who wants to do strong magic in this new medium.”  Jon Armstrong

Video Chat Magic is closed for new subscribers, but you can read the entire collection, in a handsomely produced hardbound book, available from Vanishing Inc.

Video Chat Magic